Life Problems

I probably won’t post tomorrow

(unless I get bored on the coach)
I have a lot to do, unfortunately but if I manage to do my hair, and do it well, I’ll put together a before and after.. maybe a step by step instructional. With terrifying no face, like on Dr who. I’ve always wanted to do a YouTube video or something about hair colouring but I’m way to terrified of bad feedback to do it..
But anyway I have a silent week next week so I can go back to sleeping my depression away… Not that it ever goes away, it’s just easier to deal with because when you’re asleep it doesn’t matter, it’s absent.

I have to have things ready to go with me tomorrow, but I don’t think I actually have half the things they want. Or at least I don’t know where they are. So you might be thinking that I’m probably up at this ungodly hour to try and find them.. nope. I’m in bed, trying to get warm, playing fallout shelter. I never was one of those people that actually prepared for things they have to do.

Close enough though. To do it an hour before I leave.
I must remember the bus is at 7:30 I always get confused and think it’s at –:52 past on every hour, but in the mornings it’s earlier than it should be.
Must remember!


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