Life Problems

What a waste of time

I went to southampton today. As I was instructed. It cost me £12.50 to get there for my appointment.
I had to get up at 4am to sort my things. Find my clothes.
I left at 7:30 and arrived at 9:20.

“huh.. did no one tell you your appointment was cancelled?”
Those.. mother fuckers.

Those sons of a Bitches.
Those god Damn tote huffing banana brains.
What an utter waste of a day.
They reimbursed me my travel. So I’m less angry that I would be, and it gave me the opportunity to pick up some cheap hair dye mixing bowls.
But sweet lord.. the communication in that office is absolute bullshit.
I didn’t get home until 5pm. That’s more than 12 hours I’ve been awake Dx

On the upside my hair adventure so far is going well


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