Love Problems


I’m awake at 4am again.
I need to fill out a form.
I really miss Roy. That bastard. I hate him. But also not really. Which is bad in consideration of the fact that he’s a lying poo face.
Every time I have a moment of spare time my brain just relapses into a whiney cry baby.
Wahhhh, why u do dis 2 me. Why? Wahh.. but now it’s got “i miss you” tagged on the end or beginning of every thought.
– you son of a bitch how could you do this to me, you stupid selfish jerk face pie butt…. I miss you-
He’s talking to me again, a little. But not very much. It’s almost painful how little he says. I know he’s got a new kik account. So I’m super suspicious that he’s phasing me out. I’ll totally kill him if he is…
I feel mentally challenged right now. But I have another week off, after tomorrow so hopefully I can go back to the fetal position and sleep again…. heh


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