Love Problems

I can’t be alone

I really can’t.
I’ve been left alone for 5 minutes and I start thinking about him. Roy. I miss him. Really really miss him. He hasn’t said anything to me for a couple of days. He checks his messages and ignores mine. The ticks turn blue when the message has been viewed. Mine hasn’t despite the number of times he’s been on there in the last two days. I hate this.. I want him back.
I feel like I’m repeating myself but it really helps to complain and post. Rather than sit on the stairs and have my of so fun imagination run riot and tell me sweet little lies.
“maybe I’ll be busy sometime and he’ll text me and I’ll ignore it, and then he”ll phone me and he’ll be all apologetic and we’ll just talk for a while”
And then I crash back to the reality that he loves someone else and it ‘re-crushes my soul

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