Friend Problems

Reason I don’t want to be friends with her

I’m making a list… Again.
I need to be able to rightly justify ditching the drug user.
She messaged me yesterday, she seemed pretty disjointed. Like something was wrong. Now this is where I sound like an asshole.
I don’t care what is wrong with her. I’ve had enough of her shit. I’m not going to ask her what’s wrong if she’s going to ignore my pain or laugh in the face of it. I need her to go away. But I’m giving her one more chance I guess.
She might be coming to an event next month, a dinner thing. So if she does and she irritates me I might go evil and scream at her. I’m at the end of my rope.

1. She’s constantly trying to justify her relationship in a way that rubs it in my face.
I wouldnt care enough To be spiteful and bitter about this if she actually listened to anyone else but herself. I have no one, I’ve always had no one. And she’s always going on about her boyfriend. There’s not a single conversation I’ve had with her where she hasn’t mentioned him. For every bad thing he does she had to prove to me (and probably herself) that he’s wonderful by telling me a thousand things he’s done right.
Note: it’s not his fault that he has asperges. And she is an unstable psychology major.
I’m more than aware of this, my younger brother has it. But she is far to sensitive and clingy and paranoid from drug use to deal with him, and their entire relationship is IN MY OPINION a terrible idea for both of them.

2. She tells me too much about her sex life and medical issues.
Some of you (especially those that read my post- Life In Delusion) will know that I’m kind of a prude. Or I guess.. immature and uncomfortable with physical affection. Which is why when I’m being told detailed things about sex that people are having or about things going on below peoples waists, I’m pretty grossed out. I don’t want to know. It’s not my business and I’m not curious enough to ask, so why the fuck are you telling me?. Even when it’s my close friends, I don’t like it. I tell everyone this. They all know. Druggy is the only one that continues to tell me these things no matter how much I ask her not to.

3. She never pays me back.
There have been multiple times where I have lent her money. And she’s talked her way out of giving it back to me. Now.. this one might be slightly my own fault. I am aware. But she should just give it back. Not delay giving it back untill I either forget or get annoyed with having to ask and give up.

4. She has no respect for my feelings.
Slightly mentioned this. Whenever I have a problem. The only times I would really try and talk to anyone about it is when it’s really really bad. I have tried to talk to her all of twice and both times she basically said I should just ‘get over it’ no sympathy, no comforting lies, just you have Jo right to feelings shut up.
She also likes to tell m how I feel. She thinks everyone’s feelings work the same as hers. She is so wrong that I want to beat her. I was in love (with Roy) and she refused to accept that it was love. “no you can’t love him. It’s a feeling of attachment. Not love.” As if she has ANY FUCKING IDEA HOW I FEEL. That bitch… (sorry.. that memory gets me so angry). Just because she had sex with random strangers for a year of her life she thought that’s how I felt. I never had sex with Roy, but I would have done anything for him and that’s love. Not putting up with someone being an asshole to you for years like her boyfriend. That’s being to afraid of being alone.
(i’ll end the rant there and save you all some time)

5. We share no common interests.
At least none that matter any more. We like game of thrones.. that’s about it. I’m sick if doing everything that she wants to do. Sick of just putting up with it. I hate the tv show catfish. I can’t watch any more with her. Nil. She doesn’t like video game. She doesn’t like books that I like. She does drugs but doesn’t like to go to parties. She doesn’t like my other friends. She’s constantly telling me I shouldn’t stop eating meat, even though I’ve wanted to be vegetarian for the last two years (note: not because I have an over attachment to animals, it’s just healthier).

Plus this one time I bought us soup, and she put the spoon in the dirty dish water by accident.. then scooped it back out and used it to stair the soup. I had so much trouble eating that… I even threw it up when I got home.. it was disgusting.


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