Friend Problems · Life Problems

Yesterday was lame

So it was a good day.. in the begining.
Brothers friend came over. Other people were meant to come over.
We went to the shop and bought lots of beer (24 cans) a bottle of Malibu and mixer drinks.
We got extra money for take-out. Then two people couldn’t come. So we waited a hour or two for the last person to arrive so we could order food. And when he arrived.. “hey….blanks face?.. do you have your stuff here because if we leave now we can get to the event site before 12”
They left.
Which left ke and my brother and one friend who was basically falling asleep to sit around for an hour and drink not beers.
It sucked
Some people owe me a fucking party.
.. at least I have enough beer to stay drunk for 2-3 days


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