Friend Problems

I… Am lost

So, as you guys know. All I do is complain on here. It’s a place where I write out my mind. It helps me to think more clearly.
But I feel like this sharing is leaking out into other conversations.
I’m not a sharing kind of person. I don’t like to bother anyone. I hardly even tell people when I’m in physical pain, so it’s seldom if ever I talk about my problems… Until recently.
And that is a bad thing. Some of you guys will know that I get pretty repetitive. I can go on and on and on about the exact same problem because, if I haven’t figured out a fix for it, or some way around it then I can’t move on from it. That’s just how I work.
Theres a couple of my friends that I’ve been spilling my guts too. And I think they’ve had enough.
They’ve withdrawn from me, don’t really talk. If they do it’s short and (from my point of view) laced with venom.
I’ll have to be more careful where I spill my secrets, I’ve already lost the one person that means everything to me. I can’t lose any more people just because I’m a mess.
I know that no one will ever really understand how badly I hurt considering the circumstance. And that’s fine. I’m going to stop before they hurt me too.


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