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Dreams continue to do me wrong

It was consisting of many people, one of them being ADHD guy.
It begins at my sister’s place (though not her actual place, one much bigger), there’s a party and everyone’s come to have some fun and some food. some are my friends, some are my sister’s friends and some are my brothers friends. It gets late and after some weird wacky dream stuff I decide to poke my head around the house.
Oh look ADHD is making out with one of my friends. I walk off, back to big sis and tell her I’m tired and leaving. When Lou and ADHD come back into the main party, in time to hear I’m leaving, I suddenly have a volunteer to walk me home, along with someone that’s only intention is to cling to them and probably make-out some more.
I don’t want to see these things.
I try and refuse but he’s insistent and just follows me out the door. After a little ways they over take me and they’re too busy talking so.. I run off in the opposite direction. Off down the street and wait for a bus. I spend a further.. god knows how long really, seemingly all night avoiding them, staying out, riding on busses just so I don’t have to stick around to bump into the freak show.

The funny thing is. This pretty much sums up my reality. There’s no point in me liking anyone, they are bound to run off with someone else.. it’s happened so many times.
“hey, hi, wanna hang out with some of my friends? Cool!….aaaaaannnd you’re sticking your tongue down their throat infront of me.. niiiccceee”
Well.. I give up.
Tips on how to not dream?


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