Life Problems

I Went To The Thing

I took part rings, some without holes in the middle which everyone wow’d over. Crisps, those cereals covered in chocolate and some of those millionaires short bread things with the caramel. It was actually really nice, we watched Dispicable Me and I think I’ve solidified my new friend ship with Bryony (she’s a she) and she doesn’t seem like one of those girls that’s a terrible person.. I pet her though which may have been the wrong thing to do.. but.. it’s just a thing I do.. sort of a test I guess.. “if she punches me, were not friends” .. it’s more comfortable to me than hugging is.
We played COD 1vs 1 and passed the controllers around as people died.

Aaannndd that’s when surprise guest turned up and I became a piece of the furniture.
YOU GUESSED IT!  ADHD.. fun for all the awkward family. I failed at words and the walk home was awkward, the more he talked the more my heart sank into my toes..”i don’t like marriage” “i want to have sex with people”(he’s Christian but doesn’t want a Christian girlfriend.. weird plan there)..
I attempted to hang back in the hopes they (him and my brother) would just walk on ahead and be gone. But he noticed and stopped to wait for me to catch up. He was talking about one of the other girls that had been at the party, that he’d held her hands to warm them up and that she wanted to bone him because of it basically.
It bothers me because she was prettier. And if she was prettier than me and he didn’t like her then I stand even less chance than I thought I did..
It makes the prospect of ‘moving on’ and being happy-er, seem a lot more doom and gloom.
I probably wouldn’t have gone if I’d have known he’d be there..


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