Love Problems

Thoughts – continued

It’s funny (in my opinion) how people don’t admit that there’s a pretty severe circumstantial difference between it being okay and not okay to do the same things.
Like in books and from my real life experience, the difference between creepy things that people do, only ever being creepy if you aren’t attracted to the person.
Twilight for example, Bella is completely chilled out and flattered by the fact that Edward brakes into her room at night to watch her sleep for an undisclosed amount of time, despite the fact that they haven’t really known each other that long.
Hell, I would be too if it was Roy or ADHD.
The thing is, when someone does something that you consider to be creepy, rather than flattering. Maybe they’re doing it because it’s been romanticized on a global scale.
They don’t know that you don’t like them (maybe) and they probably don’t understand why you don’t think it’s creepy that you’re pokeing your nose into their business.
It’s so hard to know where that line is.
Is this creepy? Is it okay? Will they think it’s cute or will they call the cops?
All these things confuse the hell out of my brain..


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