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So.. I reposted this on my facebook the other day/


today (im not sure)

And one of my friends said “bla bla. So you! But not the too ugly as you aren’t!”

And it made me realise how much it bothers me when people say I’m not Ugly or that I’m ‘really’ pretty. Or if they just call me pretty in general.
I realise this is all subjective. If you fall in love with someone they can be the most beautiful thing in the world to you. But when you’re in that awkward ‘i don’t know you, maybe I could go on a date with you… I don’t know” section of life its really really muddy.
Now I just want to clarify. I don’t mind it when strangers call me pretty, or people who are of the opposite gender or.. I guess not related to me.  It’s just when it’s my girl friends or family members.
I mean I haven’t kissed anyone for 4ish years .. and I haven’t had sex for.. like 6 (tmi?).
The fact that these seem to be the only people telling me that I’m pretty makes me ask: if I’m “soooo pretty” why are there no people that I like that want me?


I may just be too picky. But I can’t help liking who I like. You may consider this shallow of me to say but if I’m not physically attracted to a person I find it hard to be interested in anything that they do. Which is usually the problem. I talk to a lot of people, I try and be nice, I listen to people, I’m never rude on purpose and I try not to judge the book on it’s cover. The trouble is that most of the guys that are interested in me (on the internet and in real life) are either
Not my type
Over 50
LOOK like they are over 50
Or Missing personality traits that I really need them to have.

I’ve tried, really tried to like people before that I haven’t exactly thought were pretty. And it’s never gone far. I either feel bad about myself or bad because I feel like I’m lying to them. It’s even harder for me to look past any little things that they do wrong e.g. talking about weird inappropriate things because they’re nervous.

So.. how am I supposed to get around this? Or do I just wait it out and hope someone that fits in all the boxes eventually turns up?


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