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An Other kind of Thought +general things

Man, I’m going to have to start numbing these babies..
So! I feel like I haven’t had friends for years right now.
I’ve been hanging out with a lot of people the last three four weeks and they are all such lovely people.. I really have no troubles with them. Except for that one guy that I like.
I’m not a touchy person, I usually hate when people hug me. But it doesn’t feel even slightly weird with them. And I don’t really get why.
Maybe it’s that I don’t have time to think about it. But they just do and its nice.
I spent the afternoon as a foot rest. But I’m not complaining! It was comfortable. I didn’t even care that Sarah was all over me.
And it got me thinking. I’m pretty god Damn comfortable with these people. With my other friends, I’ve always felt pretty restricted. I can’t do this or that and I can’t talk about these things because they don’t like them, they’re not interested (i mean generally for any stalker people reading e.g comic books or comic con etc).
Everything feels pretty complicated. I’m trying to work out all the knots and kinks.. but I feel better with these people than I ever did with Druggy or Shorty or people I met in college.
This doesn’t mean I’m happy though, I’m definitely not at happy yet. I’m still internally broken from Roy, who hasn’t talked to me for a few days again.
But I’m not hiding in my room crying… As much. Maybe once every three days.
These people are over a lot of the time so I have a lot to distract me from the pain which is pretty nice too.
Plus, I’m managing.. I think.. to not vent to Drewina.. he has problems of his own and I don’t think my talking is very helpful. I still feel annoying though so I guess I’m being extra cautious..

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