Slightly Less Depressing

I went to another thing

It was the same place but more relaxed, didn’t have to take anything.
The guys dad is kind of scary. Like.. he says hi and he’s friendly but then he sounds scary like he’s judging you and as if you’ve just spent an unwelcome amount of time in his house or have eaten his food and you weren’t meant to. He’s scary as fuck.
Other than that we watched two half films.. the first was world war z, which we changed because .. I don’t really know why, I thought it was pretty good.
Then cool runnings (if you haven’t seen it you should) which I spent the entire half film with a girl all over me and in the most awkward hugging position I’ve ever experienced.. though to be honest I’ve never tried hugging anyone on a sofa at an angle so.. maybe it’s just down to lack of practice..
Still it was awesome and hopefully I’ll get more days like this soon enough


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