Love Problems

I are confuse

Romantically and just in general.
I miss Roy. And it got me thinking because of the things he’s said since the incident a month ago (the whole let’s not be friends really because you like me and I’m not even going to tell you I’ve been hiding my girlfriend from you for a year, so I’ll call you a stalker to discourage you from finding out thing).
He talks to me every couple of days, I don’t know if it’s because he misses me or because he’s a jerk and wants me to cling to the hope it sparks up. But he keeps talking about games and consoles and other things, as if we’re going to play them together. And it’s bothering me. Because there’s no way. There’s just no way what so ever that he’s going to play any of those games with me. Especially now. So I don’t get the point.
what’s the motivation in talking to me? Habit? He wants to keep me broken? I don’t know. But I miss him, and I’m angry again about the whole thing.

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