Love Problems

Mention the devil.. no really this is the fourth time

I mentioned him in my last post and blamo – conversation appears.. I’m not sure if I should talk about him more to keep it up or less in the hopes he’ll go away.
Though since that post I’ve come to the conclusion i’m That friend.. the one that’s always there if you need something because they’re a doormat and as long as you keep in touch a little they’ll be willing to help out..

Art questions this time (i do art stuff) it’s giving me a bad case of heart ache though on this occasion.

“im drawing myself. Does my nose look right? How about my mouth?… Eyes?”
I mean what can I say except yes and no?

“oh you know … You’re just perfect in every way……… why wouldn’t you ask the one person that you DON’T want to think about you, to painfully remember all of your beautiful features” asshat
God Damn asshat of the skies… Ugh


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