Life Problems

Pub times

I’ve been invited to go tomorrow.
Busy day it will be. I’m getting a second set if lobe piercings for my ears, and then at 7 it’s off to the pub so I’ll have to spend the rest of today figuring out how to do my makeup so that it doesn’t dribble down my face on the walk to the pub.. it’s fucking hot. I hate it. I hope it rains. At least then I can wear a hat or something to protect my face xD.
Maybe there will be someone cute and I can spend a while staring at them and being invisible.. as I do most days.
Friday nights are magic nights(card game) so ADHD won’t be going. Or it’s a very low chance. Haven’t seen him for a while.

Also. Roy talked to me a bit today.. not sure why. It seemed kind of pointless. “i lost my drawing tablet, think mum threw it away” and gone.
Oh.. the confusion


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