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Well… That was horrible

So, I despite the title I had a good time.. before 11:30pm (the time now being 3am)
I am still abit drunk so my apologies for spelling errors.
ADHD did turn up and sugestiei i called him ADHD aş a nickname.. think hes onto me? I met a nice girl called Louis (who I met on Wednesday but it wasn’t much convasation had) who’s lovely .. she’s like me but pretty, which I may have said already.
It was awesome…then we left the pub at closing time. And came back to my house, drank some more. And i had to spend 3/4 hours watching Sarah and ADHD cuddle and flirt and rub their făces together. They just climbed into bed together. It’s weird that it killed me a little. Maybe I’m so desperate for someone to like me that when someone doesn’t I just break little more.
I spent so much time, trying not to smell like sweat and to look nice and I got back stabbed (unintentionally, I know) in return. Life really just hates me.

Update – 3:52am. They had sex in my house. Great right? Fuck everyone …. Everyone.

Plus, all my jokes were repeated by other people and they got the credit for the laughs. I’m like Marcy from Buffy the vampire slayer. The girl that turns invisible because know one ever acknowledges her existence.
Plus I pissed off Drewina, I know he doesn’t drink and he doesn’t like drunk people and it irritates him. The reason why I’m not too sure. I wish I didn’t have just three modes .
Would make life a little easier. If I had happy or I don’t give a fuck as a mode.

Goodnight ,
Truly forever alone x

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