Friend Problems

Back to square 0

Not square 1 because square one is where people were actually talking to me. So 0 is where I apparently have managed to piss off everyone.

I mentioned in my “well.. that was horrible” post that I thought I’d pissed a friend off. Well they haven’t talk to me since my drunk antics..
Though I don’t actually know why for sure.
I haven’t even been given a “don’t do/say this thing because fuck you”
I was assuming it was just the alcohol but after a day and a half of nothingness (and the fact that I wasn’t so drunk I don’t remember what happened) that it must have been something else. Probably the Sarah thing.
I’d given his number to her because my phone was dying. Didn’t think it would be an issue because he’d talked to her on my phone a bit and it was just so I could keep talking to him. He had joked about me giving her his number anyway. Maybe it really was only a joke?
But I’d gone to get a drink and when I came back she was trying to call him.
I mean, I’d be pissed too if someone I’d hardly talked to was calling me at 10pm but I’d at least tell my friend that it was a dick move so they would know what they had done.

So anyway, they’re not talking to me, hardly anyone is. I’m not talking to Sarah because she fucked ADHD in my house and she was kind of a dick.

Which means it’s just me and the dog and a bunch of really shitty films!
Yaaaayyyyyyy…. Someone shoot me?


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