Life Problems

My YouTube Stimulus is out for a holiday.

So I watch A LOT of stuff on YouTube. Especially when doing painting or dying my hair (like right now) But it’s either gone down hill or it’s off on holiday.. GMM for example (Good Mythical Morning) are taking a season break. They post every week day and they’re so’s a ‘morning’ show…You should check it out if you haven’t seen it. They do some crazy food experiments, debates over what’s better, and they’re just funny in general. But I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing. I have 0 friends again and all my other channels are getting boring and or repetitive..
Guy Tang (hair)
Grav3yardgirl – who I UNsubed because … Boring now.
Bart Baker

Everything else is mostly make-up and music and I never really watched that stuff in the first place..

I also have no films to watch, I’ve watched them all within a short space of time..
I need help people, I have nothing to watch, no background noise and everything musical makes me sad Dx
Oh mah gahhhhhh


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