Life Problems

When Life Gives You Lemons

Don’t tell anyone about them.
Like.. ever.
You may consider this bad advice. Maybe for some people it is. But the instant you tell people they make you work harder for all the nothing that you’re getting. It’s shitty.
“so how urgent do you think it is for you to get a job?”
“uh.. I don’t know.. I know that it’s important but it doesn’t feel like it’s necessary at the moment anymore”
“why?…. *it’s important and you’re wrong stare*”
“thing have happened the last couple of months that just make me feel like there isn’t really much point to it..”
“right.. well.. you need to come into this place every week now because you obviously can’t be trusted even though you’ve been doing everything we asked and more”

My advice is.. just smile and laugh and pretend everything’s fine because if you can’t do that then no one will ever just leave you be.


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