Friend Problems · Life Problems · Love Problems

I wish my brain worked better

All I seem to be doing is making mistakes.
Talk to people who don’t want to talk. Like people who will never like me. Never like the people that do.
I keep trying to give up, and then I forget that I’ve given up and continue down the same terrible road that I was on before..
For example, I’ve been seriously considering taking him back. The Ex.. I know the only reason I’ve been considering it is because I’m fucked in the head. After everything that’s happened with Roy.. who hasn’t spoken to me for about a week now. And it turns out the only person that’s interested is one that was a cheating scumbag of a human being.
No, the answer to him is no. And I’ve already said it. I just keep thinking about what would have happened if he hadnt of ruined everything… What’s done is done though..

I’m going to the pub on Friday. But I have no money so I won’t be drinking anything but water. It’s to say bye to this guy in the group who’s going away for a couple of months for work. So I’m somewhat obligated.
I’ll just sit and sulk about my life for … Ever. Seems a good plan to me.


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