Life Problems

When people don’t tell you things

So a friend of mine was upset yesterday, after the pub. I don’t know why, she wouldn’t tell me. We were making a lot of jokes about how Sarah had sex with ADHD and I just really hope that’s not the reason she was so upset.
Though I wouldn’t be surprised, its hard not to like the guy in all honesty.
I mean I did (before the fact) Sarah did. She can join the club and we can have matching shirt pins.
But it got me thinking, about how you really never can understand how awful a person’s day/life is just by looking at them or talking to them.
I mean, those of you that read my blog a lot know pretty much all my problems but I would never.. ever tell people in my life these things.
And there’s some stuff that I haven’t even posted on here, I’m all for sharing but it’s hard to blog when you’re curled up wishing to die.

Everyone has so many secrets and they just walk about as if nothing is wrong and that’s a little scary to me. That guy you just walked past in the supermarket could be perfectly happy, girlfriend, kids maybe, great job and great friends. Or he could have a shitty job, no family no friends and be on the verge of hanging himself with his own blue silk tie.

Its a really unsettling kind of epiphany


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