Diet & Fitness Problems

Work out

I can’t remember if I already tried to do this… It’s highly likely, I may completely forget like I did last time.
But I’m going to try to work out more… On my days of nothing.
I tried to do wall press ups
For those of you that don’t know, wall press ups are, press ups that you do against a wall because you’re too weak to cope with the actual weight of your body combine with as much gravity.
I got to ten.. and my arms hurt.. I think this is proof enough to myself that I need to do these things again. Too much sleep.
I do a fair amount of walking but in all honesty the more I do it the slower I have to go.. I have a hip problem so walking for a what used to be an hour can cause some pretty awful pain and I just can’t walk that long. But now I get tired before I even go half an hour walking. This sounds really bad and it really is, it’s probably more because I have to keep up with other people so I’m basically jogging for 20-30 minutes twice a day which really fucking sucks.
I’m slow which is why I really hated going outside with people, they always walk infront of me, or complain or they try and slow down and then I feel bad about that.

So I’m going to try and do more by my self just so I can at least keep up with everyone without breaking into a joggers sweat that ruins my clothes and create awkward smells.


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