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Sleepovers and Ice Cream

Sarah Stayed over last night, which is why I didn’t have a chance to upload anything.
It was fun, but today was a bit weird and kind of.. off I guess.
The mistake was probably going out with Druggy. I was pretty glad that Sarah came too, it meant I wasn’t statically bored for the whole 4/5 hours that we were out in Bournemouth.
It was really awkward though. I don’t really like people touching me, which I may have mentioned, but Sarah has been super touchy and clingy with me and now I’m kind of used to it with her and Britney and the guys from my other group of friends. It just doesn’t feel weird with them.
So I was trying really hard to not let Sarah be all hugs and hand holding, but Druggy seemed to catch on and looked way jealous.. I’d like to clarify at this point that I AM STRAIGHT. I don’t care what gender is your preference, but mine is Men and it’s bothered me that people have been calling me a lesbian a pot the last couple of years. I’m not even sure why it does since I don’t think it matters but still.
So it was awkward that Sarah was all over me and Druggy attempted to do the same, I just ended up shrugging them both off and refusing to allow either of them to be touchy.
We went to ‘Sprinkles’ for ice cream which was … A lot of food.. my stomach still aches from the white chocolate, strawberry and banana covered waffle…
It was quiet because they didn’t really want to talk to each other and because I was too tired to really instigate conversion,
Thankfully Druggy will be going home tomorrow so hopefullythey won’t have to mix together ever again


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