Love Problems


Today has been an achey blur.
I miss Roy. Really really really miss him. I miss how he made me feel special, how his hair was so fluffy and the weirdly perfect shape of his eye brows…
I’m really glad, despite how sad I am about the fact he’s not talking to me, that I got the chance to watch him sleep for a few hours last year. Even if I did have to do it cautiously…
He looked so harmless sleeping that way.. I wish he truly had been harmless and not the one that turned my heart to a fine dust..
I miss him. Every song, every place, every dream that’s been Deja vu.. reminded me of him and it just hurt in full force all over again.
The coach journey was the worst.. an hour in each direction to sit and look out the window and think.. I think I almost cried at least 6 times Ver the whole two hours.
Do you ever just wonder who or even if anyone would miss yu if you just disappeared tomorrow?
Poof and the dirt is gone is my thought. If I left the stain on people’s white t-shirts would be gone and cause for celebration..
Anyway, my sleeping tablets are kicking in so.. I miss Roy.. I love him, I really wish that would Change.


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