Diet & Fitness Problems

Lazy day

So I said the other day about starting a workout kind of thing, as minimal as possible because.. I’m lazy and weak and to try hard would be out of my character.
So I haven’t really been doing what I planned because of the unexpected home invasion. Sarah has been over pretty much everyday this week and slept over 3 times so it’s been necessary to be entertaining almost 24/7.
However it’s not been a total loss.
Thanks to her presence I’ve been eating a lot less (which I unfortunately may have made up for today with Ben and jerrys ice cream.. two pots down.. 2 to go, though I did share both)
And walking an absolute shit ton… Funny thing is though the more I walk the slower and harder it is.. is that something that’s meant to happen? My hip hasn’t failed me yet though so I’m feeling like that’s an improvement, maybe I’m not as broken physically as I thought I was.
Night time walks from one side of town to the other and back again, sure do hurt the legs.
Also.. I don’t know about you guys but.. do you ever forget how to walk or.. try it a different way to see if it’s more or less comfortable than how you walk automatically? Because I’ve been doing that a lot lately..
Big strides are really comfortable (im 5’10, so not short) but I tire out quickly, small steps seem to have me moving longer.. I don’t know, it’s all very weird.. I’m not very comfortable as a human..


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