Friend Problems

You’re High, My Low

No, it’s not a miss spelling.
So I made a guy friend a few weeks ago on tinder, kind of like him. But not enough to mention him on here more than once. Let’s be polite and give him a name – Jack.
So I”ve been talking to him for a little while, he likes Buffy, I like Buffy. He likes the office, I like the office. He has a weird job managing computer systems at a boat company.. I’m unemployed. Obviously we get on well.
Jack went out tonight and got high with some friends.
Now I don’t really care what you do with yourself, it’s your choice not mine. What I don’t appreciate is people bragging about doing stuff like that, or doing it in dangerous ways. He’s not, as far as I know doing either of those.
He is, however, calling me a bitch and saying fuck you.
This is how the fuck you happened.


So I’m leaving it at this until tomorrow.
Obviously there is no winning with people that are off their face.
Those of you that have been here a while know that I don’t really like drugs that much.
What you don’t know is that my brother did so many of them that he got schizophrenia and will have to be medicated for the rest of his life. We don’t know what specifically it was that he did, it was his own fault but that doesnt mean I’m going to risk it or watch people I care about throw away their sanity.
I also don’t appreciate being called a bitch and being told “fuck you” for no reason.
If you’re high off your tits, don’t talk to me until you’ve fallen back to earth. It’s a rule.


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