Friend Problems

Not So Helpful Friend

That’s me. The “uh… Well…” Person of terrible replies.
I have a friend, David let’s call him, who has seemed off for a while. I’ve wanted to offer to go hang out with him but I don’t want to offer things that I can’t follow through on. I’m not in a position to go visiting people, or even having them come down here. The reason is complicated and not the point of this post.

I didn’t think it was as bad as it turns out to be. He’s a nice a guy.. when he tries to be and I’ve know he has depression issues for almost the whole time that i’ve known him.
As have I. So he was kind of the first person I asked when I was considering going to the doctor back in June (i didn’t though).
I never like to ask people what’s wrong unless they have already imparted some kind of key information that something is off. I don’t really like being nosey or irritating people/reminding them of their problems if they are trying to forget them. It’s probably construed as me not giving a shit but I do.

So anyway, David spills some rather spoiled beans. “there’s no cons to me ‘going away’ anymore”
I know what that means. He wants to a take a one way ticket to out of this world-ville. Suicide is never the answer.
I don’t really know what to tell him though. There are cons but I could only think of one, the one that’s stopped me from doing the same. And it’s not even a good reason.
“you might miss out on things getting better”
And “hang out with people, even if you don’t really talk much, just watching them make fools of themselves helps”
What can I say? What can I do? I can’t really tell him anything that he probably doesn’t already know.
All I have are distraction advice, nothing that will make any real improvements to his life. They’ve done hardly anything to help me, just temporarily patch up the massive hole in my chest.

So I’m at a loss and he’s not replied.. yet. He probably went to bed it’s almost 4am after all.
Suggestions? Where’s a good place to go and have fun by your self or to just forget? (not the pub.. he hates alcohol)


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