Friend Problems

I don’t have the answers

Sometimes I do, sometimes I’m down right on point and the most helpful person you can have around.
Not this time though. As my life has gone to shit so has my advice.
I feel really awful. I couldn’t help David. I have no witty and helpful advice. “don’t kill yourself, it’s stupid”. What a dick am I?
The words “the blind leading the blind” fall sharply into place in this scenario.
I told him the truth because I’m not a lying scumbag that acts all high and mighty.


Obviously I’m the asshole now, I sent him another message. I’m being ignored.

What am I meant to do exactly? I’m worried and there’s nothing I can do to help. I could call the police I guess but that would be a real shitty thing to do if he’s not going to act on it.
And as selfish as this thought is – if I just sit here and do nothing… and hope that he just carries on with life and then he ends it all, it will forever be my fault.
Not only will I have to live with my currently shitty life and mind, I’ll be forced every day to remember that someone important to me asked for help and I did nothing.

What the actual fuck do I do?


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