Friend Problems

6th of August

So.. today he been kind of busy for me.. but also not.
I discovered pariscope which is … Hilarious. I managed to widdle my first broadcast down from 8 views to 1. .. the one being my sister’s ex-boyfriend who was facebook stalking me. Fun days..

I met a guy on tinder.. who.. despite being given information about myself that no one particularly knows (confusing) actually wants to come over to my house and watch tv with me. Holy shit did the world just break?

David is talking to me. I feel really bad though. Do you ever want to be totally selfless and the only words that ever come up in your sentence are “I” and “me”. When you know they need you to listen and not talk about yourself and you just
“i know”
“i couldn’t imagine that”
“i wish I could help”
“i feel bad”
Like please, stab me, I’m a selfish cu*t?
I’m utterly useless..
Though he did abridgedly lie to me about something… I’ll let it go tits not worth the stress it would cause.

Roy has broken his streak. No messages today, but it’s just as well really, I’ve been tired and emotionally drained thus far anyway.

Forever struggling with both sides of the bigger picture x


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