Friend Problems

Late Night note

To add to the earlier update.
As I haven’t mentioned him in a while.
ADHD – that guy I like that my friend Sarah decided to fuck.
It was funny before, and now it’s just not.
It’s gone from a one night stand to her stalking him. She seems to be passing it off as all a funny joke, but I can see through that shit.
She tested him earlier to ask him, as a joke, if she could sleep at his house.
He was at the pub and tested her back “i was considering it”.
He’s now in my house at 12:30am, snuggled up with her on our sofa trying to persuade her to go stay at his house
Him: “offer is on the table though”
Her: “why on the table and not in the bed ;D”
I can’t stand her and listen to this shit.. for real..
It’s getting awkward and gross now

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