Life Problems

I hate my hair

My hair is brown. I Dont mind it, it looks okay. People say that it really suits me.
It’s not the hair I hate, it’s me.


Well… I don’t feel like myself. And usually when I don’t feel like me.. I change my hair. I miss my turquoise. But I’m not allowed to, because I can’t find a job and was told to “give it a few months” to see if the lack of originality helped at all.


I know I probably look better with brown hair. I just feel all wrong. I can’t change anything and it’s depressing that i don’t even have the ‘right’ to change my hair colour… I almost want to say f*k it and change it anyway but my brain tells me that I’ll get in trouble and I like to avoid trouble.
So what do I do if I can’t even change my hair?
Change my clothes?
Change my shoes?
My socks?

David said he changed his nail polish when he got this way. I would do that but I have no light source and my nails are alread covered in half flaked off varnish, with no way of removing it.

What do I do?
Forever someone else x


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