Life Problems

Happy Thursday.. kind of… Maybe..

Hey there kids,
It’s gloomy and cloudy in south west England with spots of rain.. probably the become a heavy shower.

Now to the real stuff.
I went to the pub last night, it was okay. I’d invited an old friend and her fiancee so I didn’t have to do much talking, the rest of the group headed off half way through and it was just the three of us left. Until ADHD turned up anddecided to stay for a beer before going back to Micks house. It felt weird to be somewhat alone with him. I ended up talking about Dr who and he said we should watch it together with snacks. This is a plAn I can get behind. Although I probably shouldn’t. It”ll end with my tears…as it always does.

As for the actually today part of the post. I am off back to Southampton, I might buy a masquerade mask, they look cute.  And then I just have to sit in the office for about .. an hour or two before I can go home. They pretty much ignore me so.. yay

Forever getting my hopes up x

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