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Dog vomit and Maggot Carpet

So !warning! Gross

I was trying to sleep and failing at 3:45am. I was sprawled out in bed, day dreaming of things I’ll never have when.
Herp… Herp…. Herp….Herp..Herp..Herp … Bligh splat
The dog vomits off the side of my bed. So I get up, trying use my iPod as a flash light because all the lights upstairs are switch permanently off due to the terrible wiring.
She’s only eaten out of the damn bin in the kitchen! one of those spongey bits of paper they put under meat from the supermarket. Disgusting! So I’m picking it up off the floor with a wad of toilet paper when I notice an odd sound..
Plastic moving about.
It’s my bin bag. It’s making a weird rustling noise. I shine the torch over and….

Oh my fucking god.
Not just in the bin.
Everywhere… Hundreds of god damn white, Creepy, wriggly, disgusting maggots. All over the carpet.
The fuckers are wriggling up from the bin, sticking to the edge and hauling themselves over into freedom..
I changed the bin over two days ago. The hell?!
So now I’m scrambling around in the darkness trying to brush up all theses disgusting like wriggle doodads by iPod touch light..

All I wanted to do was sleep when I got home.. and I have done none of the kind.
Fuck. My. Life.

Forever with crawling skin x


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