Love Problems

Analysis of How My Crushes Progress

Weird title I know.
I was just thinking about how me liking people happens. And I currently have a person in mind.

We talk. I have something in common with said person.
Me starts to think said person is cute.
Flirts with said person “you’re pretty”.. but only ever when we talk on the internet. I can’t flirt in real life..
Now this is usually where it ends, and I’m left to bleed out through a new chest wound.

But. For example with Roy.
If they flirt with me back I get over excited. I start talking to them all the time. Like some kind of human crack addiction.
Then they infect my thoughts and … What next.. I get all weird and clingy and jealous.

I wish I didn’t like anyone ever. Then I wouldn’t have to be all crazy and like that meme of the girl with the scary expression.

Forever questioning x


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