Love Problems

Multi Crush Mondays

Hey kids!
That’s a cool top hat youve got there.. what do you mean ‘are you drunk’?!
Of course I am. So here’s a break down of my current crushes.. I don’t know why you’d want to read this but.. here we go.

Side note before we begin: my interview is today. Shitting my pants!! Wish me luck.
Also I’m going to comic con, you jelly?!
Crush number 1: ADHD
Crush duration: 2/3 months 
Known facts: Gemini, same birthday as Jay(me), likes lord of the rings, had sex with Sarah..twice,  is cute in a really manly kind of way with slight beard stuff going on..

– he came over today, at the same time as Sarah’s new boyfriend. So that was awkward. He drank my Jager and picked me for his team on tekken so.. he loves me right?.. RIGHT?! .. at any rate I got some really long and awkward hugs and we sang some songs together. Yay.
Crush number 2: Roy
Crush duration: 3 years
Known facts: sociopath, birthday, lied to me for a year, has a girlfriend, lives far away, likes take out and video games.

– he talked to me today, I told him about my interview and he made me laugh at it a bit, slightly less scary. I really miss him a lot but I don’t like to bother him so, I’ll just wait for him to start conversations.
Crush number 3: Cid
Crush duration: 3-4 weeks
Known facts: works as a computer guy for a boat company (or something like that), is funny, is cute, lives on small island near Southampton, is in France for work.

– I haven’t mentioned Cid before. I met him on Tinder, but haven’t actually met him. He’s cute but I know it’s going no where. I’ve made him blush and he’s made me blush and .. he’s started calling me Babe.. I usually hate that.. it’s so mundane but.. I like that he says it, it makes me feel all cute and helpless. Is that strange?
I’m wondering how to deal with this because I’m just going to end up hurt again.. turn off all the feelings?
He’s so lovely though. It’s complicated, but he wouldn’t like me really. So I’ll just get back to sulking and panicking about my interview.

Forever making lists x


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