Life Problems

Trial Tuesday

So. My interview worked out.
I got offered the job and everything. I have a trial today (because it’s 00:04am) and.. I’m crapping my pants all over again.

I’m sure it’ll be fine.. I don’t know. I’ve never really had a job that I consider ‘proper’ it’s always been small businesses rather than corporations of a large scale.
I don’t know what to expect, is my point.
Another potential problem. Is that my manager is… Fucking adorable.
Like.. I can’t even. He’s so cute… And he’s obviously a total nerd. And do you ever just look at a person and think.. yup… I love you. Haha? No? Just me?

Maybe I’ve gone into over drive. I’ve given up on the whole love thing so now that I expect nothing to come of any of my little crushes I’m just having them ‘ll over everywhere.


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