Life Problems

Cunt town 0miles

So I live with my mother, and she decided to go skitzoid on us.

I was only the phone to the DWP – in regards to ending my claim for job seekers allowence. (yeah I got the job)
And she knocked on the door and I said
“Im on the phone” in the least aggressive tone you could imagine.
And she continued on “i don’t want anyone coming over till the house had been tidied”
“okay” because fair enough.

Me and Sam cleaned up a large amount of the house, and Kieran had come over. So we were thinking that was it, job done. 
Then Sarah turned up, outside with her boyfriend, hadn’t cone into the house and mum went crazy..
“i don’t want people in here, I told you I didn’t want people coming over for a few days” uh no she didn’t fucking tell us that “go out there and tell them to go away” okay … Fair enough, our mistake I guess.
Went out asked then to leave and then came back in, she decided to carry on and on saying “I TOLD YOU EARLIER I DIDN’T WANT ANYONE COMING OVER FOR A FEW DAYS I TOLD YOU AND YOU JUST YELLED AT ME WITH AN ATTITUDE THAT YOU WERE ON THE PHONE”
“…that didn’t happen like that…”
So she gets more angry and starts yelling even more at me
And I say “Well Then I didn’t understand that from what you actually said to me earlier, and since we’d done tidying up nd I brought things down and washed them, I thought that was all you meant” trying to work my way to an apology or to calm her the fuck down.
Then she starts screaming even louder telling me not to talk back to her, as if I am being a total fucking asshole.
So I start getting a bit angry. Why are is she yelling at me so much for a misunderstanding that’s entirely her fucking fault.
So I say “it’s really not fair that you’re talking to me like this”
And then she starts threatening to beat me in he face.
Like what the actual fuck.


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