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Things and stuff update

Okay! So I’ve been busy I’ll need to remember to post more often again but in all honesty… I need a new fucking phone and it takes me too long to type out things.
You may think I’m exaggerating here. But my phone has now gone past the three and a half year old mark and … It’s just falling to bits.
My battery dies within 3 hours of me leaving the house. It skips huge chunks of battery life and it’s been freezing ALL THE TIME.
It’s turning into a big pile of shite for seemingly no reason.
So! Now that I have a job.. I might get a new one. Provided I’m sure I will be working there for a long time of course. 
How long is appropriate do you think before i start a contract that forces me to pay £50 a month for a phone that is basically the same as this?! Which btw I only paid £29 a month for in my first contract.. blah.
My work contract is only 13 weeks but I was told they usually re-employ people at the end of it so? Risky or not risky?
I was thinking Samsung S6 without the curved edge. It looks pretty fucking beautiful..

I’m going to the pub tonight.. maybe.. as one of our cooler friends is back from a two month work thing he had to go do. Which is awesome. I’ll bask in his glory for a night .. that lucky son of a blitch..

Also in regards to the working now. I have no money till Wednesday which is my last Jsa payment and then I have to wait a couple if weeks for my first work payment which will be given to me every week afterwards. WEEKLY PAY!! I’M SO FUCKING HAPPY!!! haha
But I need to spend a large portion of my last JSA payment on clothes. I need more black trousers, which are expensive for mee because places like asda and primark make me itchy as hell.
So I have a lot to buy and not really any time to buy them in eek..

Also also.. a guy I met on periscope.. Fml (too many guys right) said he likes me, and now his scoped friends are asking me inherently annoying questions. I like him too.  But I don’t like him as much as other people I know .. he’s kinda at the bottom of the list.. I don’t know what to tell him..

ALSO Drewid of the north. Has stoped talking to me. I’m not sure why. All I know is it’s awkward and he doesn’t say much when I try to talk to him so.. I don’t know what to do here either. I think he has a date today so I’ll just leave him alone I guess.. :/

Forever all over the place x


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