Life Problems

Weekend catch up

I start work tomorrow!!!!! Wish me luck you fuzzy mortals.

Um…ah yes.. okay so I went to the pub on Saturday. It was fun! I had two beers and we met up with ADHD by accident… He was already there… With a girl. I WAS a bit disappointed. They came sat with us, we spent a good couple if hours over there before we went to the shop to get cheaper alcohol. This is when ADHD says to me “you know I’m actually more exited to come hang out with you, than I am with your brother now” which kind of threw a wrench into my brain.. then we headed back to Micks where we drank some more and watched Llamas in hats. ADHD was super close to me though, it was awkward for me, he was sag in between me and the girl he was with.. I found she’s the girl he is having sex with. Felt more awkward.. then he was leaning on me and stuff and I started to feel kind of sad. It was still fun in that actually group dynamic though, people laughing at each other and throwing bottle caps across the room. Then we left and I got a better opportunity to talk to the girl he’d brought and… She’s really nice, she’s kind of like me, but.. and I sound like a bitch when I say this. She’s not exactly pretty in any way.. which makes me feel shitty. Like I know I’m not hot but.. why not me?
And we ended up going back to her house.. the three of us, and drinking some more…. I’ve become the guy friend that knows about girl stuff. It was still a good night no matter how awkward I felt mentally.

Forever friend zoned x


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