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Spies of Periscope

Oh look.. I have work in 5 hours and I’m still awake. I’m also really angry.
Now feel free to tell me if I have no right to be, I welcome your opinions.
For those of you that don’t know what periscope is here’s a quick summary.
Periscope is an app you download and you can either watch other people in their day to day life in real time or broadcast your own show. People can talk to you by sending comments into the live stream. Now..I have two accounts. One for my personal use, and one for my Not So Trivial page.
I don’t really use my NST account. I met a guy on there. He’s a bit younger than me, and in all honesty I WAS a bit iffy about him because he’s 18 and im 23.
I have made a few friends on Periscope and one in particular that I talk to every day, Hannah. We’re good friends now and we like to joke around. I play careless whisper in the back ground and make a fool of myself while she laughs her tits off and pretends to find it attractive.

Now, I when you broadcast it’s records the whole thing and leaves it up for other people to view unless you switch it off or delete it. I have chosen to do neither of those things because there’s nothing in them that I wouldn’t tell a person straight to their face.

I decided to look at this guy’s play backs. I had noticed he’d been deleting them a lit recently and some very weird people had been coming into my scope asking very pointed questions.
And.. I have no words. I honestly.. have nothing. I can’t believe it.
The stupid jerk had not only been sending other people into my scopes to ask me questions/making fake accounts and doing the same. But the things he fucking said about me. I couldn’t even believe it.  And freaking out and being totally paranoid over nothing.
Someone asked him why he liked me. Why I was so special.
“i don’t know.. she just.. she looks like a blank canvas… No.. but like.. she now exceptional but she stands out”
Like really… A blank canvas.. I’m not exceptional. As if I didn’t feel shitty enough as it was. WOW THANKS MATE. Way to win a girl over!!
He almost redeemed himself when he said I was smart. Until “no.. you know I bet she didn’t figure it out I bet that Hannah girl told her”
She told me nothing! I never fucking asked. I’m not a creepy stalker.
“yeah.. because Hannah is Bisexual.. so I bet she has her own agenda for this and told her we were spying on her. I think Hannah wants to fuck her”
Like bitch no. The fuck.. no. Just no. That is NOT what is happening here.
I should mention in this that he has never asked me anything about myself. Ever! Ever ever.
Then he goes ” and I bet Jay is sending Hannah into my scopes to spy on me, which is just so wrong because I would never do that”.. you total prick. Acting like you are the exception to anything is a big waste of my fucking time and yours.
When I like someone I don’t beat around and have people spy on them. I talk to the person and see how they act towards me. And then if I feel like they do like me. I fucking tell them. And I actually read what they say before I get all sad and crappy about it.. I’m just so pissed off. Plus!
“i bet she’s had like 10 boyfriends and they told her she was really pretty and shit like that” what am i?! A fucking whore?!. I’ve have one boyfriend you shit head and he dumped me after he even moved in with anyone.
Get your head o it your ass..
Oh and me and Hannah were talking in a different scope. He sent in his minions “im pretty sure they’re talking about me.. go go go and tell me what they’re talking about”
Minions return and tell him were talking about some guys named Gary and Tim.  “well that not good.. that’s not good at all. I’ll have to go spy”.
Like …REALLY.. we were talking about two 40 year olds who were in a scope with another guy. Are you seriously this bad?

Then! I sent him a nice long rant about the fact he was being a dick. And that I knew, and that he was the only one playing stupid mind games. 
And he basically said “yeah sorry I won’t talk to you any more” like.. that isn’t even close to what I said to him.. I told him to just fucking ask me next time he wanted an answer instead of being a creep. ..

What ever


One thought on “Spies of Periscope

  1. Hello dear, sorry if this sounds odd but your posts are oddly refreshing and very interesting. Would love for you to check out my blog when you have a free few minutes and keep smiling:)


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