Friend Problems · Life Problems · Love Problems

Hey guys

Hey kids!
Sorry I know… I’ve been away.. what can I say, life is getting busy.
I don’t know how normal people manage.
I had to go to the emergency dentist, antibiotics.. he said I probably need some root canal work done.. yay?
I have no money for that shit though..

I have officially given up trying with all the guys. Fuck them.
Roy hasnt really spoken to me. It’s pretty shitty feeling.

I’ve been to the pub 5 tines this week. But no alcohol, while in on meds so it’s okay. And once was just for lunch.

Work is okay, getting dull though. I saved Tia from a wasp though so I’m totally a super hero.

And.. I’ll try and blog more, sorry it’s a bit clipped it’s hard to to into detail when there has been such a big gap.

Forever questioning my sanity x

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