Life Problems

Thoughts #5?

So I’m currently laying on my floor, there’s a cute girl in my bed and there’s. High chance she’ll vomit on me in the middle of the night.

My first thought is that.. I care, I want to help, to pat her head and make it all better.
My other thoughts are skipish and blazay.

I like too many people but I know why this is.. I think.
It’s because I stand no chance, or it’s the hey you’re attractive part of getting to know them.mostly the first reason.

There is exactly.. 6 people I like that I have no chance with at all. I have given up and resorted to down grading them to eye candy.

The other two I’m getting less interested as the days go buy which is unfortunate.

The reason I have little to no chance with these people is that they are either with someone/in love with someone or I’m simply not good enough.
It’s roughly 2/3rd to the former.

I may give up on life.
And happiness
And.. just everything

Forever a heart whore x

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