Life Problems

I’m getting bad at this whole blogging thing.

I know, i know.

I said I’d post more and I guess I couldn’t stick to it. I guess I’ll just have to update when I get a chance.

It’s been a dramatic life recently and I don’t really like it that much.
I miss Roy, and I miss my other friends and I miss sleeping in bed until I get bored enough to get up.

But I like my new friends and I like the distraction of working and going out and seeing people.

I think I like my friends brother.. that’s a no go right? Against the rules? It doesn’t matter anyway hes in love with some girl and it’s probably easier for me to just be that nice friend that randomly gives him candy and buys him things.
I like being that person.

I’ve also decided I only like two other people (besides the obvious Roy with a -300% chance)
Secrets – fluffy hair, nerd, kind of awesome. – I don’t know enough about him to be more specific.

Cid – cute, lovely, wants things I haven’t decided if I want or not.

Everyone else is a hopeless cause.
And even these two are pretty hopeless from my standing.

I really need to give up, 100% but there’s always an annoying 0.6% that clings on for dear life and raises all my hopes.

Speak soon x
Forever figuring out life x


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