Life Problems

High and Lowest Low

So my week has been shit.
But with dotted high points.

High point #1: I got to stare at my managers ass for half an hour yesterday.

High point #2: I’ve been out a lot and have some good friends now.

High point #3: Cid drunk text me that he loved me. He has also started calling me princess and sending me little kisses.

Low point #1: I’m not good enough for Cid and I’m probably never going to get the opportunity to see him.

Low point #2: Prop Guy likes my friend. And long story short. I got a bit over excited when she miss interpreted messages he sent her. I read them. He likes her. Silly girl.

Low point #3: ADHD is been seriously Pissing me off. I can’t stand him any more. I think I’d like him to just shut up and chill.

There’s been so much drama. I’ve had enough. I want to tell everyone to shut up and go away for a few weeks. Till I can afford my phone maybe…
I like that plan.


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