Friend Problems · Life Problems · Love Problems

Back In Action

I have a new phone!
I’m back!
I have horrifying jaw pain. Infection again.. but this time it’s on the other side of my face and I have lock jaw…
So! Laughing, yawning, eating.. anything mouth related is a huge failure  and a mass of hidious pain!
I am tired.. I need a day off again.
I’m starting to get the impression  everyone thinks I just wanna bang someone .. but I actually like people.. like.. I want to go out and watch movies and sleep on their bellies and cuddle and stuff… I’m not good at it though. I’m not good at any kind of physical activity. .
I’m okay at head petting.. that’s about it .. I need a patient guy  that’s not going to expect me to suck his dick just because I said I want to… not that that makes sense


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