Life Problems

Thoughts #9?

I’m in a thinking type mood.
And recently I’ve been thinking that I’m coming to terms with the fact that I won’t be getting a knight in shining armour. It’s only taken me 13 years to realise there is probably no such thing..
It seems like everyone I like is uninterested. And everyone I don’t is so overly keen it’s almost considerable to stalking. The only middle ground where both sides are true, I like him and he likes me.. is when I’ve never met them.
Cid is lovely, he’s sweet and nice to me and calls me princess and babe (I have never liked being called that before, ever. It’s a pretty stupid nick name but.. I like it when he says it so I’ll let it slide).
The thing is.. I know he won’t like me for real. If he met me. It would be a repeat of Roy all over again and I can’t deal with that.

I don’t know what to do.. and I don’t have any time to myself  in order to work these things out …
I need a holiday or something.


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