Life Problems

Tuesday, 13th October 2015

Okay, so I haven’t got a fancy title for you today.. but I never really do so I don’t think my two active readers will mind.
Today had been… good I think..
I got up at 7, spent 2 hours drying clothes and putting on make up (bare in mind it takes 5 minutes to set the machine to dry spin).
Then off I went to the bus stop at 9:15 – walked around town for an hour before heading into work to do my 11:30-2:30 shift .. Manager was there, looking adorable … I want to nom his cheeks .. I’m a bad person.
So I get to the end of my shift and manager: “Jay…. could you stay another hour and a half?…”
Me:(while trying to not look him in that beautiful face) “Um… If it was just an hour I could, but I have to go to a birthday dinner at 3:40”
Manager: “3:30?! For a birthday dinner?.. that’s rude having it so early, I’m just kidding , an hour would be great though. If you can”
All the while I’m thinking how it’s not like I was meant to be staying any longer than I’d already been there. But I agreed and once the extra hour was done hurried off to get changed. Thanking the Lord I’d put clothes into my bag just in case I got stuck there.

Then off to dinner.
My friends brother is a funny guy. We shall call him Joey.
I quite like him,  he’s a bit no bulls hit and he likes to gossip but I don’t mind that. He hates people as much as I used to and he’s got some issues that I can understand so I just kind of go with the flow for most of it.
I like him. But it goes no further than that as he has a kind of .. girlfriend.. type person.. even though she has a boyfriend.. it’s confusing.
Anyway we had dinner and gossiped and I gave him cookies and all was right with the world. I think he had a good time.

Then I started wondering about what kind of things he says about me when I’m not there to here it. But I would assume he wouldn’t have come down to the pub while he was rediculously sick just because I was with his sister and a guy that’s being a bit of a twat lately if he didn’t like me.
So.. I guess that leaves me at paranoid.
People like that confuse me.

Anyway I’m off to bed
Have a nice Wednesday 14th
And I’ll catch you guys later
Peace x


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