Life Problems

Too Early

It’s 7:18am
And it’s night time.. and I’m on the bus to work..
Now technically I don’t start until 9 but in order to be on time I’m having to catch the earliest bus there ever was.
But I don’t mind. Carl will be there…maybe.. and that’s just a major plus for me. It’s a boring day unless that beautiful man is there.. it’s okay to look right? I don’t intend on sexyually harassing him or anything so… a little bit of staring isn’t exactly going to be a bad thing right?.. =_=
I don’t know..
I just know work is less boring when he’s around and that means I’m more likely to actually want to go in.

Speaking of which I went in on my day off just because I kind of wanted to stalk him a little bit.. but I did need some supplies so it’s okay. I only saw little blurs of him anyway. So it can’t count as stalking really … right?

Plus my friends brother was there and he’s pretty too so I had someone to pet and stuff. He was outraged by all the slow old people though which I found kind of hilarious.
It was a pretty good day.

J, over and out x


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