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The Cold Shoulder

Now I want to start out by saying that up until June of this year pretty much no one ever hit on me in person.
It seems like a lot of people have been lately and that seems weird to me.
I was in iceland yesterday and the guy behind the till was pretty cute. I was expecting just he avarage “hey, do you need a bag” and then silence while he packed my things. But then he started trying to have a conversation with me. It was odd.. to me.. maybe he was just being nice. It’s likely.

As for Carl – Ass Manager. Because he’s an ass. Has litrally been blanking me for about 6 days now. He spoke to me once to tell me I needed to read and sign something and then it was right back to pretending I don’t exist..
Also.. we accidently made eye contact yesterday and the bastard stopped for half a second wheeled around and almost RAN in the opposite direction

Forever not amused x


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